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December 2021

I have known Josh for many years. He is always very hard working, dedicated, professional and always keen to help no matter what is wrong with my computer. He doesn’t give up until the problem is solved.  

He has a real gift when it comes to fixing things.


He is very kind and respectful. 


He started this company called reviveIT that takes older computers,  refurbishes/repairs them and they are donated throughout the community. I think this is wonderful. 
All the Best


December 2021

Josh is a pleasure to work with. He’s very responsive, knowledgeable and reliable. I’d highly recommend him for any hardware or software issues you’re having with your computer!



September 2020

Testimonial - Josh Hornick

This letter serves to inform the reader that we highly recommend Joshua Hornick as an IT Support Technician.

We have had regular dealings with Josh over the past 2 years, and his attention to detail, his tenacity to solve a problem and his diligence in following up with you are exemplary.

We all know what happens when the IT equipment does not work!! The world ends, quite literally and suddenly we become the only and most important client out there who needs attention now, to sort out our IT Problem. This kind of pressure has been placed on Josh many times, and his cool demeanour maintains balance while he assures you that he will sort out your problem.

It is thus we can recommend Josh as the person to call when you have an IT need, big or small.

Clinton Emslie CEO


Mississauga Ontario

December 2020

I have been using the IT services of Josh Hornick for over a year now.  Josh is a bright young man that understands how to keep my computer systems operating smoothly.  He has upgraded software on my systems without any hitches.  He is always available, almost immediately to respond to any glitches which may occur. 

Josh is reliable, has excellent computer skills, I highly recommend his service.

Mike Strus

C&R Realty Inc.

Mississauga Ontario

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