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How ReviveIT Started

A little history by Josh Hornick

I was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario. As a young lad, I was always thinking about tech to some degree.. Although my ideas could have been chopped up to a vivid imagination at times, some of these ideas would become a reality. Things like browsing the Internet on a hand held device or having a live feed wireless camera show on TV were just a couple of tech things I dreamed about . Maybe this is what inspired me to look into computers more and more... 

Fast forward to the early 2010's when these ideas started to become main stream. At this time I was in high school and was helping family and friends with computer troubleshooting. I felt that it was more of a hobby rather than a possible career path. Like most teenagers It was not at all obvious to me what I wanted to do post high school. However, computers continued to interest me more and more. Everything from software to hardware, networking and security were getting me more psyched . 

A few years later my family moved to BC where I went to college and formally studied IT. I soon discovered that I particularly enjoyed the hardware and  networking portions of the course the most. All in all the classes were amazing but these two were the most fun to me. During the course, I started a small computer repair business and advertised on the local website.


After the IT program ended, I continued to work on computer repairs, except now as full time work. There is always something new in the IT world and I am keen to learn more and more!! With the help of the online tech community, I try my best to stay up to date with the latest tech news.

I like to say communication is key. The tech industry is all about communicating, from the sharing of open source code online, to the funny tech videos all over YouTube.. Even to the more serious tech announcements like the upcoming Intel to Apple Silicon switch, communication really is key.


Getting back on track here, My family returned to Ontario a couple years ago where I started looking for job opportunities. I found a full time IT job close by and worked there for about a year or so and was most insightful into the business side of IT.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, I decided to leave the job and focus more on freelance work. It was at this point I was approached  by a family friend who was looking for tech help in the local community, thus ReviveIT was born.

Since 2020, ReviveIT has continued to refurbish computers and keep up with the current IT trends.

As we enter the next generation of CPUs, GPUs and APUs, We continue to keep older systems running through the tech community. 

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