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Some background Info

reviveIT was started by Josh Hornick in early 2020, See our About page for more info.

Our goal is to support the local community through computer donations and repairs.


We love to refurbish and donate computers to those around us. Currently we are on the lookout for PCs/Macs that are no longer in use and are considered by many to be obsolete.  

Fixing a Computer
Dish Antenna


Macs are a popular choice for many of us. With the release of macOS 11 (Big Sur), many older Macs are no longer supported by Apple officially.


However, thanks to hard work done by the online tech community, Macs dating back to 2009+ can be upgraded to newer versions of macOS even though they are considered obsolete. 

reviveIT is on the lookout for these older Macs to update and donate to the local community giving these Macs a second life.

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I know what you're thinking, "My PC is too old, right?"

Here are the options for the old PC.

Push it to Windows 10?

Switch to Linux? 

Put it in the closet to show the future generations tech from the early 21st century?

Be it cosmetically or functionally, you have decided to retire the old PC for a new one. However there is a problem, what do you do with the old one?

reviveIT is  on the lookout for older PCs to update and donate to the local community.  

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